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Shut Up && Let Me Vent !

I’m in my last semester of school .. My last semester of college … My last semester of my undergraduate career . I’m freakin tf out !

I have to take the GRE
I have to take the praxis
I have to apply to grad schools
ALL WHILE COMPLETING MY LAST 18 ( possibly 21 ) CREDITS !!!! This is fucking crazy !!

I pretty much have a month to get everything done . ONE FUCKING MONTH ! Not to mention , ALL OF THESE THINGS COST FUCKING MONEY !!!!! Money I don’t have at the moment ! It’s just added stress that I don’t need right now ! And I found out that I might need another class to graduate when I’m already taking on a full load … It’s just a lot .


God bless the natural, long haired, kinky, curly girls because I know combing is not easy.

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Jay-Z’s reactions brings the BIGGEST smile to my face.

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